Liliana Quintero is a Transportation Engineer working at the City of Vancouver since 2015. She currently leads the City’s Moving Towards Zero safety program the school active travel planning program. Her work at the City of Vancouver has focused on developing a strategy to reach Vancouver’s zero transportation related fatalities target.  This includes exploring alternative sources of data such hospital and ambulance data, creating new partnerships with outside agencies, revamping the existing school program, piloting new traffic control devices such as the rectangular flashing beacons, and developing safety campaigns, among others.

Liliana grew up in Bogota, Colombia and  moved to Vancouver in 2008 to complete a Masters Degree in Transportation Engineering focused on Transportation Safety at the University of British Columbia.

In our comprehensive Case Study on Vancouver and British Columbia, Liliana will cover how Vancouver has developed their road safety plan within a provincially mandated strategy, as well as specific engineering countermeasures that have been implemented, ultimately setting up Vancouver for success. She will drawing on her experiences of working within a provincial-municipal structure towards zero serious injuries and fatalities, as well as the opportunities to rethink Vancouver’s roadway design within a Vision Zero framework.