In her session Blame (the other) Driver: Vision Zero International, Swedish Road Safety Expert Karin Hassner will walk delegates through the Vision Zero philosophy, and how the chain can be broken in many places; before during and after the crash. She will also give examples of how citizens, administrations, and organizations may contribute reaching Vision Zero, besides redesigning streets and roads, using actions already tested with good results in Sweden.

About Karin

Karin Hassner is a road safety expert from WSP Sweden. The implementation of Vision Zero in Sweden has been a success, but not always easy. Karin has been involved in the progress during more than 25 years.

The work has not only been a technical issue, with her experience from working in, or together with road authorities, cities, public administrations, and other stakeholders, Karin knows what is needed regarding pedagogical and strategic skills, to achieve success.

In her role as a project manager, technical lead or expert reviewer, Karin has been involved in developing organizations and public authorities, in research and development projects, and street design. She’s also an EU-certified road safety auditor and an invited lecturer at conferences and seminars in Sweden and abroad.