Jean Souliere is a parent, a technophile and a passionate entrepreneur. For the last 15 years he has helped develop and grow technology and transportation companies.

As President of Nuage Technologies, he helped businesses adopt new and innovative ways of interacting with technology so they can; increase productivity, automate processes, and more effectively collect and analyze data.

Working as the Managing Director of CV Logistics, Jean innovated and grew the company as it moved freight throughout North America, including Mexico. With a strong Business-to-business focus he was able to improve supply chains and distribution strategies with a network of carriers combining creative thinking and world class technology.

Enter BusPatrol, a Safety Tech company that combines Jean’s passions of technology and transport. Buspatrol’s technology turns a school bus into a Smart Bus, equipped with video, GPS, telemetry, data processing and archiving. As CEO of BusPatrol, Jean develops partnerships, educates communities and deploy Smart Bus technology to reduce Stop-Arm violations that endanger the lives of millions of our children everyday. Working with Municipalities, School Boards and police in both Canada & the US, BusPatrol aims to bring violations to zero and create a new culture of awareness on the roads.