Daphne Dethier, P.Eng., MSc, is a transportation engineer and planner with WSP. Daphne holds a bachelor degree in Engineering from the University of Liége, Belgium, and dual master degree in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning from the Swiss Polytechnic School of Lausanne.

She has led the Montreal Vision Zero technical study in collaboration with the Vision Zero expert Karin Hassner (WSP, Sweden). On the Vision Zero topic, the team has connected global technical experts, hold knowledge sharing seminars in the US, worked on a global handbook, presented at conferences and co-written a technical article.

Besides road safety studies of all types, Daphne has accumulated mandates in sustainable mobility (active and public transportation), design (complete streets, road diets, roundabouts) and parking management. Daphne’s international (Switzerland, Singapore, California, Canada) and interdisciplinary (urban planning and design, transportation planning and engineering, data visualization) career has helped her develop an innovative approach to mobility issues.

In our session Case Study: Montreal, Quebec, Daphne will break down the elements for consideration and contextualization when developing a Vision Zero strategy. These foundational building blocks help to define the true needs of a jurisdiction, grounding the strategy in pragmatic considerations.