The 2018 Vision Zero Advocate Conference focuses on expanding from idea to implementation. Our conference offers diverse perspectives on how to achieve successful implementation. To do this, we have paired case studies from communities with proven and promising implementation ideas. The objective of the conference is to arm delegates with information to create or enhance a Vision Zero initiative in their community or organization.

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Vision Zero in Canada: Building a Network for Success

Vision Zero has had success around the world, and is gaining traction in Canada. How does Canada compare, and what does the Canadian context hold for the future? Hear from Canada’s Vision Zero Network, hosted by Parachute,  on how the iniatitive is evolving, and what stakeholders are contributing the advancement of Vision Zero. Parachute is […]

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Changing the System: A Canadian Perspective

With the introduction of Vision Zero to Canada through the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators’ Road Safety Strategy 2025, the concept moved from abstract to concrete. The original Vision Zero strategy, implemented in Sweden, has evolved throughout many iterations, and in Canada, we see further development as communities apply it to their own unique […]

Case Study: Montreal, Quebec

With Vision Zero success around the world, it is important to contextualize it within your own jurisdiction and organization. Montreal has been undergoing this process, applying data driven principles, while also hosting stakeholder consultations. Transportation engineer and planner, Daphne Dethier, will break down the elements for consideration and contextualization when developing a Vision Zero strategy. […]

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Meet our exhibitors in the Tradeshow Hall! Located in the Kensington Ballroom on the second floor.

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Impaired Driving: Will Canada’s Cannabis Legalization Kill Our Vision Zero?

This session will discuss the impact of drug use and driving, a topic that will intersect with Vision Zero as cannabis is federally introduced in 2018. When cannabis is legalized, what impact will it have on fatal collisions and what can law enforcement agencies due to combat the problem? Washington State has been on the […]

Case Study: Vancouver and British Columbia

Vision Zero has been applied at the muncipal level in Canada, but the Province of British Columbia was the first to introduce a Vision Zero strategy at the provincial level. This session will cover how Vancouver has developed their road safety plan within a provincially mandated strategy, as well as specific engineering countermeasures that have […]


Municipal and Corporate Implementation (Parallel Session)

These parallel sessions allow delegates to work with some of the implementation ideas and strategies presented at the conference. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from leaders in both areas about ciritical measures for success, and develop their own implementation strategy for their own community or organization.

Exhibit Hall

Meet our exhibitors in the Tradeshow Hall! Located in the Kensington Ballroom on the second floor.

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Vision Zero in Human Terms

  On November 6, 2014, David’s wife, Erica, was standing on a sidewalk when she was struck and killed by a careless driver. The couple’s three young sons — 11, 9 and 6 at the time — learned of the dreadful news when they got home from school. Vulnerable road users and their safety are […]

Vision Zero for Youth: An Initiative to Protect Children and Move Communities in Big Ways

Vision Zero requires political will and community support to get started and then be implemented and sustained. Prioritizing places where children walk and bike is both critical to the protection of the vulnerable users and can help build the backing needed to improve safety for all road users. In the session Vision Zero for Youth: […]

Exhibit Hall

Meet our exhibitors in the Tradeshow Hall! Located in the Kensington Ballroom on the second floor.

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The Future of Road Safety: The Internet of Things

Technology is an essential asset and catalyst to Vision Zero, offering the opportunity to enhance and modernize programming, while innovating implementation strategies. The Internet of Things, defined as connecting networks of devices to the Internet, represents a new global landscape unlike anything experienced before. With respect to Vision Zero, the Internet of Things represents an […]

Case Study: Los Angeles

Launched in 2015, Los Angeles’ Vision Zero strategy has ramped up efforts following deep data analysis. Chelsea Richer, a senior transportation planner at Fehr & Peers, delivers an in-depth look at the importance of data driven decision making and the challenges and opportunities in implementing data-driven projects. Covering technical analysis and implementation strategies in LA, Richer’s […]


Top Down and Bottom Up Synergies: How US cities succeed in Vision Zero

While Vision Zero relies on a strong political commitment, as well as an engaged, diverse group of stakeholders, it is also the focused effort of grassroots groups, and non-profits that support the growth and success of Vision Zero. Hear from the United State’s Vision Zero Network founder and executive director, Leah Shahum, on how the […]

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Final Remarks + Conference Close

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